Testosterone cypionate effects in bodybuilding, supply raw test cy powder


testosterone Cypionate powder
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testosterone Cypionate Profile
Testosterone base + cypionate ester
Formula: C27 H40 O3
Molecular Weight: 412.6112
Molecular Weight (base): 288.429
Molecular Weight (ester): 132.1184
Formula (base): C19 H28 O2
Formula (ester): C8 H14 O2
Melting Point (base): 155
Melting Point (ester): 98 – 104 C
Manufacturer: Various
Effective Dose (Men): 300-2000mg+ week
Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
Active life: 8 days
Detection Time: 3 months
Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 100/100.
clenbuterol,steroids,clenTestosterone Cypionate also has the ability to promote fat loss through an enhancement of metabolic activity. Testosterone binds to the androgen receptor fairly well resulting in fat breakdown, and further prevents new fat cell formation. Another indirect action of fat loss that testosterone produces is the nutrient portioning effect it has on muscle and fat. Since the body is building muscle at an accelerated rate more of the food you eat is shuttled to muscle tissue instead of being stored as fat; nutrient efficiency is enhanced.
With many anabolic steroids to choose from, very few carry such a high level of versatility and toleration as Testosterone Cypionate. Perfect for beginners and long time steroid users in any cycle, it is impossible to go wrong with this steroid. If youre new to anabolic steroids and youve maxed out your natural potential, this is the perfect steroid to see your progress continue once again. If you are an advanced steroid user and have used Cypionate in past cycles, it will continue to be just as effective each and every time. This is not an anabolic steroid reserved for a particular group of people, or one that is only useful at one specific time but rather a solid foundational steroid that is perfect for any cycle.
Testosterone Cypionate is only available in an injectable form and is regularly used to treat conditions such as low testosterone.

effects in bodybuilding:
For performance enhancement, one injection per week is often enough; however, in many cases two smaller yet equal sized injections will prove to be far more efficient.
The typical dose for those who are using Cypionate to counteract the lowering of testosterone due to the use of other steroids is normally 200mg. If it is being used for direct performance purposes, most will find 400mg to 600mg per week will be effective, but it is important to note that higher doses will greatly increase the risk.

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