Test Blend 300 mg/ml 300mg/ml semifinishsed steroid injection//duosue@chembj.com

Test Blend 300 mg/ml 300mg/ml semifinishsed steroid injection//duosue@chembj.com

The Test belnd 300 contains three esters of testosterone, one Fast, one medium acting and one Long acting. This combination is best for people wishing to make serious gains without the need for waiting two weeks for the long acting esters to kick in.
The Benefits of Test Blend 300:
The Testosterone Propionate is faster acting than other testosterone esters, it is used for quick strength and muscle mass gains.
Testosterone Phenylpropionate is very similar to propionate but has a half life of 3 – 5 days, making it a medium acting ester and one which will promote fast mass and strength gains.
Testosterone Enanthate is a long-acting depot steroid that is used for ultimate mass and size gains, some consider it the best testosterone available. Depending on the metabolism and the body’s initial hormone level it has a duration of effect of two to three weeks so that theoretically very long intervals between injections are possible.
Each 1 ml of Test Blend 300 mg/ml contains:
Testosterone decanoate 100mg
Testosterone Isocaproate 50mg
Testosterone Phenylpropionate 100mg
Testosterone propionate 50mg

we also have another version, each 1 ml contacins
180mg Test Enanthate;
90mg Test Phenylpropionate;
30mg Test Propionate.
About Production of Test Blend 300 mg/ml Final Products:
Due to the Test Blend 300 oil solutions are unsterile. Filtration will be required before any resale business or own use injection. Anyway, we’ll offer professional instructions for our customers after orders are delivered successfully.
How to filter Test Blend 300 mg/ml by using a vacuum filter?

Due to oil products we’re offering are unsterile, so the sterilization process will be required.
For finished injectable steroids bulk production, there are many kinds of filter device are recommended. Which one are you using? Below is just an example filtering process:

Pick Up The Most Suitable Size
There are many different sizes. Pick out the most suitable one based on amounts of production.

Heating Your Oil Before Filtering
The warm oil will make your life easier. It will be very smooth to filter the warmed oil.

Sterilize Your Filtering Membrane
The filtering membrane paper are not sterile, please make sure they are sterile before filtering.


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