Test Blend 500 bulking steroid//duosue@chembj.com

Test Blend 500 bulking steroid//duosue@chembj.com

What is Test Blend 500 Consist of?
Each 1 ml of Test Blend 500 contains:
200 mg of testosterone decanoate;
100 mg per testosterone propionate;
100 mg per testosterone phenylpropionate;
50 mg per testosterone cypionate;
50 mg of testosterone Isocapronate.
About Production of Test Blend 500 mg/ml Final Products:
Due to the Test Blend 500 oil solutions are unsterile. Filtration will be required before any resale business or own use injection. Anyway, we’ll offer professional instructions for our customers after orders are delivered successfully.
Create Your Own Brand Name:
We offer actual dosed oil form of steroid soluttions and they are ready for filtration. We are able of offer customized made flip off caps and product label stickers for your own brand name. If you need to order, please let us know in advance.

The Recipe of Test Blend 500:
200 g of testosterone decanoate powder;
100 g per testosterone propionate powder;
100 g per testosterone phenylpropionate powder;
50 g per testosterone cypionate powder;
50 g of testosterone Isocapronate powder.
20 ml of Benzyl alcohol(2%)
200 ml of Benzyl benzoate(20%)
G.S.O q.s.

how to Filter Test Blend 500 for personal small quantity:By syringe filter
The warm oil will make your life easier. It will be very smooth to filter the warmed oil.
Heating Your Oil Before Filtering
This is used to purge the filter ensuring maximum sample throughput to reduce the wastage.
Draw A Small Amount of Air
The filtering membrane paper are not sterile, please make sure they are sterile before filtering.
Sterilize Your Filtering Membrane
Due to oil products we’re offering are unsterile, so the sterilization process will be required.
For finished injectable steroids for bodybuilders, we need to easily make sure the oil are 100% sterile and safe for injection. Anyway, be our customer and we will offer proper instructions.



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