What is needed for steroid injectables

vials group

1. machines you are needed during making injectables:
injection syringe
sterilizing filter (Sterile (Syringe) Filters (0.22um) – These are used to Sterilize the solution and make it suitable for injection without any risk to the user. This is the most important step and must be carried out properly to ensure the produce is safe to use. It is possible to use Syringe filters for smaller scale production or alternatively Vacuum pump filters which is fully automatic and makes it possible to filter many litres of Steroids with ease. The best Syringe filter will be the widest diameter possible and made of Nylon because it improves filter efficiency and approximately 100ml of Hormones will be produced by each filter before the filtration rate slows dramatically.)
sterizling filtering machine
electronic scale(These are required to weigh to an accuracy of 0.01g to ensure you are able to weigh the Steroid powders acurately for the Recipe you are using)
Glass Beaker/Glass Stirring rod (100ml Beaker is adequate for small time production but neither of these are essential as anything can be used to make the initial mixture)
10ml vials or ampoules
Needles / Syringes –
capping machine
label designing and printing
sealing machine( or cimper)
label machine

2. additives you are needed during making injectables
Carrier oil – This is the Oil that all of the ingredients are suspended in, all Steroids have a Carrier Oil and the most used carrier oil in all Steroid production is Grape-seed oil. It is possible to purchase this pre-filtered, which is considerably more expensive, or to purchase it from your local Store/Super Market and there is no preference for one or the other as the entire mixture will be filtered and made Sterile during the production process.

Benzyl-benzoate (BB) – This is the solvent that holds the dissolved Steroid Compound, it allows the powder to dissolve and ensures it stays fully dissolved. Too much BB will not cause any Post Injection Pain, the most common ratio is 18%-20% of the total solutoin for BB.

Benzyl-Alcohol (BA) – This provides the shelf-life of the product and is very inexpensive and only a small amount is required with the most common ratio being 2% of the total volume of Solution. It is not reccomended to go higher than this (2%) as high BA content will cause Post Injection Soreness in some people.

3.and I also list something for you to make capsules if you want try later:

Shopping list for making capsules:
1. capsules.many sizes for choice, and most used is size ‘0’ capsules, they hold around 500mg of powder.
2. capsule making machine. most used is a cap quick with the tamper.
3. Steroid raw or ‘active’ ingredient.
4. Filler, I like to use good ole ‘all purpose flour’ but anything of the same grain will work well
5. mortar and pestle or Tupperware container or Ziploc bag.

When making capsules it is important to get the densities of the powders youll be using so that you can correctly mix them.
You’ll want to fill and weigh a reasonable selection of capsules so as to get a good number for how much of each ingredient will properly fit into a single capsule. You know how much active ingredient you want to use so that and the amount of each you can fit into capsules are the constants in the ratio and the value you want to find is the amount of filler.

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