GnRH agonist peptide Triptorelin acetate

Triptorelin acetate (2mg)
Triptorelin acetate
Triptorelin Acetate
Triptorelin Acetate Product Name:Triptorelin Acetate
Triptorelin Acetate CAS No.: 57773-63-4
Triptorelin Acetate Purity (HPLC): 98.0% min.
Triptorelin Acetate Appearance: White powder
Triptorelin Acetate Sequence: Glp-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Trp-Leu-Arg-Pro-Gly-NH2
Triptorelin Acetate Molecular Formula: C64H82N18O13
Triptorelin Acetate Molecular Weight: 1311.46
Triptorelin Acetate Single Impurity (HPLC): 1.0%max
Triptorelin Acetate Amino Acid Composition: ±10% of theoretical
Triptorelin Acetate Peptide Content (N%): ≥80.0%
Triptorelin Acetate Water Content(Karl Fischer): ≤6.0%
Triptorelin Acetate Acetate Content (HPIC): ≤15.0%
Triptorelin Acetate MS(ESI): Consistent
Triptorelin Acetate Mass Balance: 95.0~105.0%
Triptorelin Acetate Specific Rotation (20/D): -65.0~-75.0°(c=0.5 1%HAc)

What is the Triptorelin Acetate ?
Triptorelin is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist (GnRH agonist). used as the acetate or pamoate salts.
Triptorelin raises testosterone levels by causing constant stimulation of the pituitary, it decreases pituitary secretion of gonadotropins luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Triptorelin is used medically for the treatment of hormone-responsive cancers such as prostate cancer or breast cancer in women. Triptorelin is marketed under the brand names Decapeptyl, Diphereline and Gonapeptyl. In the United States, it’s sold by Watson as Trelstar. Its used to cause total cessation of pituitary hormonal output, including testosterone.

Why is Triptorelin useful to a bodybuilder to restore testosterone?
If Triptorelin is used incorrectly ie; too much is used, you will end up with the same levels of testosterone as a castrated male.Triptorelin has actually been used successfully for the treatment of chemical castration of sex offenders. Its serious stuff and needs to be used with extreme caution. We’d suggest starting on a dose of 50 micrograms of Triptorelin first to see what affect it has on testosterone levels.

Triptorelin AS PCT better than HCG
In the past the options may have been clomiphene and tamoxifen. There is a significant amount of research today that illuminates the following side-effects of those SERMs: low libido, erectile dysfunction, emotional instability, ocular toxicity and hepatocellular carcinoma- just to name a few.
The other option may have been HCG. A fine option. But one that requires a very specific daily protocol, and a protocol that if not followed in a disciplined manner, may damage the endocrine system further.
Besides, GnRH is a naturally occurring neurohormone. The body does not produce clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen or *HCG naturally (*unless you are pregnant).
The problem with GnRH in the past has been that in order for it to effectively exert its actions upon the pituitary gland, several pulses over several days would need to be stimulated. These required an infusion pump in many cases. Or if too much GnRH was given it would eventually decrease pituitary secretion of gonadotropins.
After several agonists and analogues of GnRH later- we now have Triptorelin.
The research peptide Triptorelin is a decapeptide that is modeled after the hypothalamic neurohormone GnRH, that interacts with the gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor to elicit its biologic response, the release of the pituitary hormones FSH and LH.


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