Smart Nootropic Raw Oxiracetam For Brain

Smart Nootropic Raw Oxiracetam For Brain


Promote The Brain Metabolism CAS 62613-82-5 Oxiracetam
99.5% High Purity Oxiracetam 62613-82-5


Oxiracetam powder
Oxiracetam powder

Oxiracetam CAS: 62613-82-5;88929-35-5 oxiracetam
Oxiracetam product Name: xiracetam
Oxiracetam Synonyms: (S)-oxiracetam; 2-(4-hydroxy-2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide; 4-Hydroxy-2-oxopyrrolidine-N-acetamide
Oxiracetam Molecular Formula: C6H10N2O3
Oxiracetam Molecular Weight: 158.1552
Oxiracetam CAS: 62613-82-5;88929-35-5
Oxiracetam is a nootropic substance, or a substance that enhances brain functioning. It is a member of the racetam family, which appear to function in the brain by activating a critical receptor involved in many different aspects of cognitive functioning, the glutamate receptor. This activation presumably occurs via the ability of racetams to modulate the actions of two key neurotransmitters, glutamate and acetylcholine, although the exact mechanism is still poorly understood.
During recent years, there has been a growing public interest as well as increased research efforts regarding nootropic substances. This is probably because an increased percentage of the general population is reaching an advanced age, and improving brain function is a key interest for this segment of the population.
Younger people who feel the need to perform well on tests and succeed at school may also seek out such aids.

The key effect of oxiracetam is an improved memory. This appears to involve a better memory capacity as well as faster recall. Other effects of this substance are reportedly clearer thinking and improved focus. Anecdotal reports also include increased alertness and a generally improved mood.

What is Oxiracetam?
Oxiracetam (RS)-2-(4-hydroxy-2-oxopyrrolidin-1-yl)acetamide is an analogue of piracetam however it is much more potent and effective than its counterpart. It is a water soluble compound and as such is absorbed better into the body when ingested with food and water.


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